Help! I am in desparate need of help. My name is Jason Baker and I am in Primary 7 at Port Ellen Primary School on Islay. My Endeavour project is to build from scratch and programme an electronic vehicle operated by remote control. I have the parts for a universal remote control and the rover vehicle. The rover has a switchboard kit. I need help making the remote control send a signal to the receiver on the rover so that it will pick up the signal and move according to the remotes commands.

I don’t know how to make the commands from the remote move parts of the rover, and my teacher hasn’t got a clue either! I know how everything goes together, I have already built a remote control tank, and know how to solder the bits, I just don’t know how to make the programing work. I have Picaxe programming on my computer. Please if you are able to help me respond to this message – you can email or phone the school,, 01496 302141. I could also do a glow meet.

I know there are lots of really clever people out there in Argyll and Bute, show me how clever you are by helping me on my project!


Thanks for your help,

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