Luing Pupils challenge shoppers on Human Rights and Fairtrade

As part of our Human Rights work with Amnesty Ireland and BEMIS, the children of Luing produced the Fairtrade newsletter for Oban, Lorn and the Isles. They also volunteered to distribute information and promote Fairtrade products and Human Rights at a stall in TESCO Oban.

The children offered information on Human Rights and Fairtrade as well as offering samples of chocolate to the shoppers to energize them for their trip round the shop. They also spent time eating the products so they could promote them effectively.

An unexpected side to the learning was that the children very quickly learned that some shoppers could be very resistant to people representing charities. Often the children experienced aggression from the shoppers who then realized the impact of their attitude seeing the children’s faces.

Another point the children have taken back to school is that they saw people stopping and showing an interest but them walking away and binning the leaflets. The children learned that the interest was not genuine. The children described it as dishonest. These are poignant lessons that the children will remember and share, and that we can all learn from.
The children then found themselves between ferries so took their packed lunches to Ganavan Sands and had a play on the beach before returning to Luing with chocolate for the rest of the school community.

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