Firepit Pancakes on Luing

Pancake day on Luing means full winter wear and an open fire, songs around the fire pit followed by a feast of fire-pit pancakes.

Firstly the children measured the ingredients and mixed the batter and then headed outside to the fire pit.

It was the perfect day for gathering round a fire and for the pancake tossing It was blamed on a freak gust of wind when a pancake flew through the air and landed on the head teacher.

3 thoughts on “Firepit Pancakes on Luing

  1. Luing, you are so lucky! I made pancakes for my class at home – ably assisted by my 4-year old granddaughter – and brought them in to school. Making yours sounds like far greater fun!

  2. I like the look of your fire pit. Do you have any drawings, web links or information about the design of it?

  3. Hello Mrs Watson. The design is our own however there is a story attached to it. If you look back at our past post dated 5th October, you’ll be able to see the construction.

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