Linking Learners and Languages Across the Curriculum

Using Playground Games to Celebrate European Day of Languages

Why not try linking Languages up with other things you are already doing like Literacy or PE.  Take a look at this eBook for ideas on how to do this and share your learning as part of a celebration of European Day of Languages. To share the learning follow the instructions in the book  or  contact  me  directly

  1. Choose a game/playground game.
  2. Choose what language you want to teach/revise eg. numbers
  3. Play the game inside/outside.
  4. Ask learners if they can remember the instructions (in English) & explain them to someone else. This could be in spoken form as a short presentation or a conversation, or learners could draw & label key words or write a set of instructions/describe what they did. If learners can add anything in another language eg. key words or the language they practised in the game, then that would be great!
  5. Choose how to share the work with others in the class/school community/parents Want some inspiration? Listen to Toby (P3) explain how to play Pêcheurs & poissons in this short video using the App Sock Puppets.


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