Professional Learning for Languages

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⭐Power Language Schools – Getting the Most from the Resource⭐

16th September 3.45-5.00pm

We will explore the vast array of support provided by this resource and advise on the best way to use it in your setting. We will also revisit the Family Learning course which all Northern Alliance teachers currently have free access to.

Four-week Introduction to Gaelic Course

  • Session 1: Introductions and Feelings- Tuesday 7th Sept
  • Session 2: Numbers and Days of the Week- Tuesday 5th October
  • Session 3: Weather and Colours- Tuesday 9th November
  • Session 4: Family and Pets- Tuesday 7th December

(Four week follow on course planned for January 2021)

Teaching 1+2 at All Levels

9th September – Early Level,  23rd September – First Level,  7th October Second/Third Level                                                           

These professional learning sessions aim to share resources, classroom teaching ideas, core language and support at each level. The sessions are relevant for all languages, with examples in French and Gaelic.



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