Sandbank visit to Benmore Gardens.

The upper primary classes at Sandbank Primary enjoyed a fabulous day at Benmore Botanical Gardens where they took part in fun, outdoor learning activities inspired by the book ‘The Lost Words’ by Robert Macfarlane and Jackie Morris.

The children were split into two groups. One group worked with the poems in the book and had to guess the subject of the poems by a series of clues in a bag.

The children then got to explore the gardens and tried to spot some of the plants and animals featured in the book. The children then wrote words and made pictures using natural materials inspired by their surroundings, to take back to school and complete their poems.

Meanwhile, the other group got busy making hapezome ( the Japanese art of hand printing of leaves by bashing with stones), book marks and clay medals using natural materials from the gardens. After lunch, the group switched activities. Cath and Kate, our instructors were fantastic and had lots of knowledge to share with us.
The day was a lot of fun, the children and teachers learned lots and everyone really enjoyed their experience!

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