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Welcome to our exciting pupil led blog!

In November 2017 pupils from each of the 13 establishments in Cowal met together to discuss how we could share news about some of the brilliant things that are happening for pupils aged 3 to 18 across Cowal. The result is this new blog which is written entirely by pupils writing about their own schools. Many thanks to all of our pupil journalists and photographers. Well done to Macy Law from Toward Primary School, who won the competition to design the name and logo for our blog, now named “Pencil Point”. View this blog via the below link:

[Update 06/03/2018: The blog is now located at:]


1 thought on “Pencil Point – Cowal School Blog

  1. These blogs are very good and the literacy used is extrodinary! I hope the cowal kid bloggers carry on with their great work!

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