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Pencil Point – Cowal School Blog

Welcome to our exciting pupil led blog!

In November 2017 pupils from each of the 13 establishments in Cowal met together to discuss how we could share news about some of the brilliant things that are happening for pupils aged 3 to 18 across Cowal. The result is this new blog which is written entirely by pupils writing about their own schools. Many thanks to all of our pupil journalists and photographers. Well done to Macy Law from Toward Primary School, who won the competition to design the name and logo for our blog, now named “Pencil Point”. View this blog via the below link:

[Update 06/03/2018: The blog is now located at:]


Digital Xtra Fund on the hunt for inspiring digital initiatives for young people

Projects that teach digital technologies skills to young people could be in line for a financial boost as the Digital Xtra Fund announces its first funding round since becoming a charity.

A total of £50,000 will be available for projects that inspire young people by taking digital skills out of the classroom and teaching concepts like computational thinking, coding, digital making, or data science in a fun environment. Applications open on 16 June and each project can apply for up to £5000.

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National Technologies Network – Internet Safety

An e-safety self-review tool for schools in Scotland was launched in November 2013. The objective of this is to help ensure that schools have robust, up to date e-safety policies. This will be updated in comings months to reflect recent legislative and policy developments.

Schools can visit< which provides a user friendly and interactive means for schools to build on existing e-safety and anti-bullying policies. This tool has been developed in partnership with the South West Grid for Learning to produce a new version of the award winning 360 degree safe e-safety self-review tool for Scottish schools.

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