MP lends a hand for DGS Learning Centre Charity Fund Raiser

At the beginning of October the junior Learning Centre enterprise class held a charity fund raising event for The Rainbow Trust, an organisation that provides support for children, and their families, with life threatening conditions. The pupils had researched several charities and came up with many fund raising activities before finally deciding on their ‘Quiz and a Cookie’ event.

Cody Edwards, an S2 pupil with a love of all things history, devised a challenging history quiz whilst Alice Smart and Kayleigh McAleese, also S2, organised the publicity and the baking of cookies. The winning house class in the quiz won a very special Rainbow Cake, also made by the pupils and expertly decorated by Erin Forbes (S6) and James Ballantyne (S4). The Learning Centre often hold fund raising events to help meet the costs of residential and other extra curricular activities. This event allowed the pupils to focus on helping a different worthy cause whilst developing skills for life, learning and work.

Everyone in the learning centre was involved in the final preparations and even our Argyll and Bute MP, Brendan O’Hara lent a hand. Mr O’Hara had been invited to the Learning Centre garden party held in June by Christopher Szymkowiak (S4) but was unable to attend at that time. He was, however still keen to visit and came on the day before the event. After meeting the staff and being shown around the learning centre, Mr O’Hara got stuck into helping out with the baking in the pupils’ home economics class. Mr O’Hara commented on the positive atmosphere within the department and was impressed by the range of meaningful learning experiences available to the pupils.

Through the sale of the quiz sheets and cookies a total of £72 was raised for the Rainbow Trust. The ‘rainbow cake’ winning house class was Mr Abbot’s C5 class.

Well done, and thank you, to everyone who participated.

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