Dunoon Primary raise awareness of Down’s Syndrome

Today, Tuesday 21st March, the staff and children of Dunoon Primary School have come to school wearing odd socks. Why? To take part in World Down’s Syndrome. Staff and children in the Learning Centre donated to World Down Syndrome Day and bought official “lots of socks” socks while other children choose to wear their brightest and most colourful socks.

World Down Syndrome Day is celebrated on March 21st as people with Down’s Syndrome have an extra chromosome 21 in their genetic makeup. Children have been watching videos to learn more about Down’s Syndrome and some children even tried writing with socks on their hands as this is what it feels like for some Down’s Syndrome children when they learn to write.

The school are also participating in British Science Week and today they came to school with “Mad Scientist” hairdos to raise some money for the various Science workshops taking place.

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