Now that SAL has settled in to our schools and has been widely embraced as a platform for sharing, we would like to develop the site to accommodate any additional uses that you might find practical. Please click on the ‘SAL DEVELOPMENT’ post title above to access the full post and then use the ‘comment’ facility to express your development ideas. (Suggestions welcomed from all pupils and staff).

7 thoughts on “SAL DEVELOPMENT

  1. Could we use this facility as a “swap shop” or “lending library” i.e often we are looking for particular resources in a school, say for example reading resources to challenge more able pupils, and we find that we are limited by our available budget.
    Instead, we could post what items we are willing to lend,or require.In order for it to work well, perhaps we could adopt a system of ground rules for this, e.g any damaged/lost items are replaced, a mutually agreed time limit on lending etc.
    Seems to me it would be the best way of ensuring our resources best meet the needs of children we work with, whilst managing our budgets to the best effect.

  2. How about a specific site for teachers to ask for advice and ideas from other teachers about various topics/curricular areas/projects? It would be good to share our successes but also our difficulties. A sort of ‘Agony Aunt SAL’ but also a site to inspire each other.

  3. How about a place to share what topic areas we are covering so we can make cross authority links with other schools doing the same things, and maybe a place for planning to be shared so you don’t have to start from scratch each time. Useful website links and resources could be shared in a pintrest board type area and what about sharing CPD opportunities and experiences as we are such a far flung authority.

  4. Love both of the previous ideas, especially the ‘swap shop’ suggestion.
    How about a section with links to class and school blogs from around the authority? It might be useful for those considering setting up a new blog to visit working examples, ask questions etc. Handy links on SAL would also promote sharing and communication between classes and schools.

  5. Would it be good to have a “Line” for professional posts/ adverts?

    Also could we have areas for groups/ subjects for professional discussion / sharing – could be on a secure facebook page?

  6. What’s happened to the pages about the QIOs and the work they do? It’d be useful for us to see what you folks are working on again. Also, the search engine link on the old front page was useful. Thanks!

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