Strone Primary Burns Supper

strone-primary-burns-supper-4-jan-2017On Friday 27th January the Parent Council held a Burns supper in Kilmun Hall. It was a fantastic event that was well attended by family and friends from our local community.

strone-primary-burns-supper-3-jan-2017We had learnt a lot about Robert Burns in class. I found out he was a farmer and an excise man. He wasn’t popular when he was a taxman but when he wrote his poems people loved them.

I truly loved the songs we learnt and performed on the night.

strone-primary-burns-supper-2-jan-2017There was so much more to the evening though. We performed poems and speeches. I had to learn the Selkirk Grace, which is a Scottish prayer said before dinner.

His life was intriguing. He wrote about everything he saw in the world around him. His most famous poem was probably ‘Tam O’Shanter’. I loved the language he used in all his works.

My favourite part of the evening was “The marriage of Robin red breast and the Wren”. I played the robin. I was so nervous and I felt like I couldn’t breathe however, it went really well.

The whole evening was a great success and everyone enjoyed it.

I learned so much about Robert Burns. I will never forget this experience.
P5 pupil

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