Tiree High School Councillor Visit

The S2 class have been looking this term at how we make decisions in a democracy.  We have focused on local democracy and discussed our representatives and what they do for us.  We have also looked at the various things that are provided for us by our council and finished off with a role play task where we looked at the difficult decisions councils sometimes have to make, due to lack of funding.  The pupils took on the role of parents, staff members & local shopkeepers in ‘Avridge Council’ and prepared speeches, which they delivered to Avridge councils’ ‘Education Committee’ (Mr Campbell & Cllr Fred Hall!). Their persuasive arguments & searching questions regarding the committee’s decision, led to a reversal of the decision to close one of the schools in the council area!  Pupils then had the opportunity to question Mr Hall about his work as a councillor and find out more about some of the day to day successes (and frustrations!) in this role.

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