Orienteering Extravaganza at Port Ellen

Port Ellen Orienteeing 1  June 2016On Wednesday 1st June P3/4 and P5-7 children from Port Ellen Primary were joined by classes from Port Charlotte and Bowmore Primary Schools for a festival of orienteering organized by Lynne Walker of the Scottish Orienteering Association and Rona Young, the PE Development Officer from Argyll & Bute Council.

During the morning the children participated in a carousel of activities developing skills like setting the map, refreshing knowledge of orienteering symbols, navigating an orienteering maze and use a map to follow a star course. The weather was glorious and everyone enjoyed a picnic lunch on the grass. During the afternoon everyone had a chance to do a series of short orienteering courses testing their speed, stamina and problem solving skills. Orienteering is a sport that all abilities can enjoy and be challenged by – while some children ran at top speed to all the controls others could go at their own pace and still have a sense of achievement: some children enjoyed the opportunity to work with a partner from another school rather than follow a course on their own.

Port Ellen Orienteering 2 June 2106Everyone agreed that the day was very successful. Here are what some of the pupils said

‘I had a great time orienteering at Port Ellen. It was a great experience and it was really good that we got to do it with other schools’ Anna Mitchell, Bowmore Primary

‘It was great fun because I got a real picture of the school grounds.’ Kacper , Bowmore Primary

“I liked climbing all the hills and running round the landscape.” Tilly, Port Charlotte Primary

“I enjoyed working with a partner to find all the controls.” Lauren, Port Charlotte Primary

“I liked having the choice to work independently.” Seumas, Port Charlotte Primary

“I thought it was brilliant because you got to meet new friends and do orienteering with new people” Ellen, Port Ellen Primary

“I love orienteering” Rhuraidh, Port Ellen Primary

2 thoughts on “Orienteering Extravaganza at Port Ellen

  1. It looks like a fantastic day! Glad everyone enjoyed it. I am sad I missed it.

  2. Sounds like a great day. We have an after school orienteering club so perhaps we could have an event like this with some of our neighbouring schools. Thanks you for the idea.

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