Breakfast Buzz at Bowmore!

Bowmore Breakfast Club 1On Tuesday 15th March, Bowmore Primary opened its doors at 8.30am, ready to fill any tummies which needed extra fuel for the day – staff and pupils alike! Cereal, including porridge, as well as toast was on offer. Jam and honey added a bit of sweetness to the proceedings and all was washed down with a glass of milk! 30 children tucked in on Tuesday….

and 32 children did the same on Thursday. Our P4/5 applied their numeracy skills and are recording those who attended! We have graphs to show us how well our club is going! This club is not just about fuelling our bodies, preparing us for learning but it’s a great chance to have a chat and a laugh with our friends first thing in the morning!

Bowmore Breakfast Club 2Bowmore Breakfast Club 3Bowmore Breakfast Club 4

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