Bowmore Primary P4/5 Christmas Choir

Bowmore christmas choir photo 1This term our class practised singing Christmas songs and made a Christmas Choir. We sang lots of different songs. The songs were All Around the World, Away in a Manger, The Animals in the Stable, Jingle Bells, Christmas Dinner and Merry Christmas Everyone. We went down to the brilliant Co-op to sing our songs to the happy shoppers.

We weren’t there to raise money but we ended up with £42.30 because the shoppers enjoyed our fabulous singing so much that they offered us donations.

Bowmore christmas choir photo 2Bowmore christmas choir photo 3

With their kind donations we bought Christmas food for Kirk Care and Gortonvogie and made two lovely food hampers to present to them. We also made Christmas Cards to go along with the delicious hampers. Each of the hampers had chocolate mini rolls, grapes, oranges, shortbread, crackers, Christmas plant, cake bars, biscuits and the best mince pies in the world (you can get them in the Co-op). We hope that our hampers are enjoyed by all at Kirk Care and Gortonvogie

We would like to say a big thank you to the people who were very kind and donated money.

We hope everyone has a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year!
From all the boys and girls in P4/5
Bowmore Primary School

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  1. So lovely to read your article. Well done boys and girls – you have really made some of our community members very happy!

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