Luing exploring differences

All of the children from nursery to P7 had the opportunity to experience what it felt like to be in a wheelchair.  The children each had a turn sitting in and pushing the wheelchair.  They found the experience interesting, the scariest thing they found was that they had to trust the person pushing them.

The children also wore blindfolds and had to find their way around the school.  A new experience of goalball (with blindfolds) was introduced in the classroom and then extended into a full P.E. experience in the hall.

Here are some quotes from the children’s written work about their experiences:

“I discovered that the person in the wheelchair had to trust the person to steer it and keep it under control to get somewhere.”

“It was really hard to push the wheelchair on rough ground, also because it’s really heavy.”

“It was extremely hard to move using the crutches because your arms were taking the weight of your body.”

“It was scary pushing the wheelchair because you were afraid you would drop them.”

“Being in the wheelchair was really frightening especially descending the stairs because you got tipped up and it was bumpy going.”

“The crutches were sore on your arms and it was and it was really hard ascending the stairs.”

“Pushing the wheelchair was not fun because you didn’t want to let your friend fall forwards.”

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