SD5 Fitness Club, Oban High School

As part of their Personal Development Award a  group of students from Oban high School have formed a Fitness Club and have been participating in different aspects of Outdoor Education since returning from their holidays. 

The group have been working with Stramash and have experienced Canoeing in a local Loch and Coasteering at Ganavan Sands.  For many of the group this was very challenging and was fantastic to see them all joining in and coming out of their comfort zones!

The group have also enjoyed downhill cycling in Glencruitten Woods.  Again, this is something that is new to some of them and after some encouragement they have shown great enthusiasm towards this!

The students will continue to develop their fitness and experience new sports over the following year.

2 thoughts on “SD5 Fitness Club, Oban High School

  1. hi Matthew my name is kirsty I am currently taking part in these activities it is absolutely brilliant and such good fun at first I wasnt to sure about taking part because it was mostly being either in or around water but as I got used to it I have enjoyed everything so far.

    thank you for your response

    Kirsty-Ann McGeoch

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