Dunoon Primary School Nepal Appeal

Dunoon PS Nepal appealWhen last year’s p4 in Dunoon Primary heard of the shocking devastation following the earthquakes in Nepal, they were determined to do something to help the people, who had suffered such losses in the tragedy. They searched online for information about the country and its people and then looked for ways to help. Their initial concern was the lack of clean water, so they organised a raffle and sent £81.15 to UNICEF, who were providing water in the region. However, the help did not stop there.

The children were aware of a scheme to provide warm knitted blankets for the babies. A blanket required 81 squares and the children could not knit, but ….they knew that lots of people can, so they launched their own little appeal for 81 squares to provide a blanket for a baby. The response from the community was unbelievable! More than 2000 squares have been received to date! Pictured above are the 25 blankets, which are now on the first part of their journey to keep 25 babies cosy and warm. In addition, there is a beautiful selection of knitted baby clothes donated by a grandma.

P4, their teacher, Mrs Cairns, and Head teacher, Mrs Stewart, wish to thank everyone who so generously supported their appeal. Squares are still arriving at school even now and we are delighted to accept them, sew them together and pass them on to the charity.

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