Primary Four Harvest Festival Assembly

JLB Harvest 1This term, Primary Four reached out into their local community as part of their learning. They wanted to gain a deeper understanding of the importance that local organisations play in providing the needs of their local community. By investigating the traditions behind Harvest, the children decided to contact Helensburgh and Lomond Foodbank to see how they could help the individuals and families in their community who are not able to fully enjoy the Harvest Festival.

JLB Harvest 6Barbie Paterson, a volunteer at the Foodbank paid the children a visit in class. The children were fully engaged in Mrs Pateron’s presentation to them and enjoyed the activities she had brought for them which illustrated the foods which were suitable and unsuitable to donate to the Foodbank.

Helensburgh and Lomond Foodbank opened its doors to the local community in November 2014. Since then they have helped a vast number of people. The Foodbank was founded on many of the same values which the school hold; teamwork and respect.

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The boys and girls of Mrs Platt’s class put on a bright, colourful and informative display at their Harvest Festival. They were able to show their school community just how many individuals and families the Foodbank has helped in nine months since they opened their doors. They have issued 733 bags of food which have helped to feed 1370 people in Helensburgh and Lomond.

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The children were so touched by Mrs Paterson’s talk that they decided to organise a whole-school collection of food for the Foodbank. “One child in the class was so moved by the work that the foodbank do that he gave a heart-felt thank you to Mrs Paterson for all of the wonderful work they do. It was a very touching moment to hear an eight-year old speak so eloquently and from the heart.

“Working their way through a list of foods which the Foodbank are in urgent need of, they assigned a specific item to each class throughout the school and staff. They enjoyed collecting in these items and watch as their box got fuller and fuller.” (Rosalind Platt, class teacher).

JLB Harvest 8The amount of food which the school community donated is remarkable. The children were so enthusiastic about their collection as they knew that their efforts would directly impact those in their community.

JLB Harvest 7Morevain Martin from the Foodbank joined the children in their assembly and thanked the children for their efforts. The children certainly were in the Harvest Festival spirit as they sang songs to their parents and to the rest of the school.

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  1. Well Done to you, Primary Four. It must make your Teacher and your School very proud that you are thinking of other people less fortunate than yourselves.

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