Kirn P6 go wild at Ardentinny

Kirn PS Ardentinny 1 Sept 15Back to school was even more exciting for Kirn Primary’s P6 pupils this year as they set off for four days of challenges at Ardentinny Outdoor Education Centre.

Children were treated to a programme of gorge walking, which was very challenging and involved walking up waterfalls, canoeing, and lots of team challenges. Strategies had to be invented to move children through a rope course, and teamwork skills were needed to create a crate stack.

Kirn Ardetinny 39 Sept 15Children also took part in a seashore safari along the shore, looking for sea creatures and plants.

Kirn Ardentinny 42 Sept 15And the verdict : “It was tiring, enjoyable, energetic and fun! The food was nice (especially the apple crumble, the lemon drizzle cake and the steak pie.

Kirn Ardentinny 43 Sept 15A big thanks from Kirn to Rhys, Claire, Natasha and all the instructors who made it a fantastic week for P6.

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  1. It was an absolutely wonderful week!! Well done P6!! We are very proud of you and your achievements!

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