High 5 Health and Wellbeing Programme training session

argyll & bute logo SALA great resource and training opportunities to support Primary Schools with Health and Wellbeing and in particular Healthy eating is the High 5 Health and Wellbeing Programme.
The aims of the session are to:
• Introduce participants to the High 5 Health and Wellbeing Programme for Primary Schools
• Bring participants to a level of familiarity and confidence that they could go on and support schools to deliver High 5

The objectives are that, throughout the session, participants will:
• Understand the background, approach, and key elements of the High 5 Health and Wellbeing Programme; and also the context of how it fits with national and regional health and education priorities.
• Explore values around health and wellbeing (mainly related to food, nutrition and physical activity, but other relevant and cross-cutting topics will play a part here).
• Participate in active examples of some sessions / activities – covering each learning stage.
• Discuss the important, yet simple and practical, aspects of evaluating the impact; and receive some feedback from schools where it is being delivered.
• Investigate ways forward for High 5 in Argyll and Bute.

Method and approach:
The session will include a mixture of discussion, presentation and activities: drawing on the expertise and experience of participants.
Three sessions have been arranged for 11th November 2015 at Inveraray Conference Centre. A Morning session 9.30-12.00 An afternoon session 1.00-3.30 and a twilight 4-6 If you would like to book a place on any of these sessions please contact Frances Greves in school support frances.greves@argyll-bute.gov.uk

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