Ardrishaig Primary One Lunch

On Friday 31st August 2012, Ardrishaig Primary School invited parents/carers of children in P1 to come along to the school and enjoy a school meal with their child.  This practise has taken place for several years and it gives parents/carers the opportunity to see the variety and standard of meals on offer.

This year some grandparents came along with the mums and dads and everybody was amazed at the options available in conjunction with the fresh fruit and salad bar which is available on a daily basis.  One gran stated that the meals were “fabulous – lots of choice and lots of fresh fruit”.   Another gran commented on the nice relaxed atmosphere and thought the meals had improved greatly since her time at school.

All in all everybody thought the choice and standard of meals was super value for money at £2.00 per day and one parent commented that she liked the fact that the dinner ladies, along with providing a fantastic service, were proactive in encouraging the children to choose healthy options.

1 thought on “Ardrishaig Primary One Lunch

  1. Hi Ardrishaig Primary 1 class.
    Your parents/carers looked like they were thoroughly enjoying their lunch. This always goes down well at Rosneath where we also have a middle school and an upper school lunch for parents spread over the session. They are always well attended and it is lovely to see children and adults sitting eating together. Our children are very proud when someone in their family can come.
    Mrs C Keech
    P7 class
    Rosneath Primary School

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