Wonderful Winning Weaving!

Small Isles Crofting Connections 1In 2012 our school joined the Crofting Connections project and as part of that, we were given a loom. We did lots of work around weaving and even went to collect some lichens to dye our own wool. Then we used the loom to weave a piece of fabric that was green and white and rather rough. Fiona Macdonald (a good weaver that lives close to school) helped us to set it up. Then we decided to have a competition to see who could design the best tartan.

Fiona came to school to look at my design and then bought the wool for me. She helped me set up the loom for my tartan and started it off. It took a lot of work and a lot of time but eventually I finished it on Friday 13th March. Some of the other children and even some grown ups helped to do a bit, but I did most of it and I’m very proud of it. By James Kitching P6, Small Isles Primary School

Small Isles Crofting Connections 2Small Isles Crofting Connections 3Small Isles Crofting Connections 4

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