Dalmally enjoys BBC live drawing lesson!

Dalmally PS big draw 1Primary three to seven took part in a LIVE drawing lesson as part of the BBC’s Big Painting Challenge. Illustrator Nick Sharratt, famous for his illustrations in the Tracy Beaker books, gave us lots of hints and tips for drawing characters with different facial expressions. He showed us how changing a character’s eyebrows and mouth can totally change their expression. Everyone really enjoyed the session, gained lots of new skills and built their confidence with drawing characters.

Dalmally PS Big draw 2Afterwards, we had been bitten by the drawing bug and were inspired to try out some new ideas: drawing other characters in the same style, adding colour and even drawing each other! Miss Robertson and Miss MacKinnon were both very impressed with the quality of work we produced.

We hope to continue learning more about illustrations later this month when an illustrator will be visiting the school. So watch this space to find out how we get on.

Dalmally PS big draw 3 Dalmally PS big draw 4Dalmally PS Big draw 5
Dalmally PS Big Draw 6Dalmally PS BIG DRAW 7

1 thought on “Dalmally enjoys BBC live drawing lesson!

  1. I thought that the live drawing session looked fantastic!
    Your pictures look brilliant, well done!

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