NEW! Primary Art Pack launched in our schools.

CAST is delighted to announce the launch of our new primary Art Pack. The pack contains 18 projects, details on planning and CfE relevance and assessment. The projects cover a wide variety of themes and skills and include both expressive and design areas. Click HERE to download the ART PACK, HERE to download a JIGSAW PLANNING TOOL to be used in conjunction with the pack contents and HERE to download a ‘PROJECT PLANNER’ interactive PDF template (Search SAL for details of our CPD events planned in your area in January/February and get in touch with Fiona Blakey to book a place.)

2 thoughts on “NEW! Primary Art Pack launched in our schools.

  1. Hi Fiona
    I am absolutely loving the pack and we will certainly be making good use of it here at Rosneath. You can link the different lessons into sooooooooo many Themes, IDL Topics and Curricular Areas. A Great BIG Well done to CAST.

  2. Really super pack and will prove very useful with skills and progression accounted for. Looking forward to trying out some of the projects.

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