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Please see below for the CAST CPD menu for 2014/15. Local funded twilights covering a variety of arts related topics, please read! To book a place on any of our courses please email:
Courses will run from approx 4pm till 6pm latest EXCEPT BIG RHYTHM SESSIONS which are programmed from 1pm till 5pm. Tea and coffee will be available. There are no charges for these courses. All venues TBC. Hope you can come along!


Delivered by Jenny England, primary music specialist
This CPD is part of the BBC Ten Pieces project, an exciting initiative that encourages primary pupils to develop creative responses to a selection of classical pieces. The project will culminate with performances and video clip screenings in May/June 2015. CAST has registered to be part of this project and we will be supporting schools that wish to take part. This session will give you all the relevant information needed to begin, introducing the repertoire and focusing on composition using body percussion, vocals and movement. In addition we will explore resources and ideas that have been created by BBC Learning. For more information visit the BBC Ten Pieces website click HERE
An exciting video has been created by the BBC screening performances of all the pieces, alongside animations and introductions by various presenters. If you sign up for this CPD, please order a copy for your school, email: with ‘DVD’ as the subject, and include in the text your schools postal address and a contact name. DVD’s will be sent out in October and allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.
Mull Tuesday 7 October                                       Oban Tuesday 4 November
Islay Thursday 9 October                                     Campbeltown Thursday 6 November
Dunoon Tuesday 28 October                               Lochgilphead Tuesday 18 November
Helensburgh Thursday 30 October                    Rothesay Thursday 20 November

Delivered by Jane Catlin/Fiona Blakey
CAST is creating a new (CfE relevant) primary art pack to aid teachers in their delivery of the Art and Design experiences and outcomes for levels 1 and 2. “Through art and design, learners have rich opportunities to be creative and to experience inspiration and enjoyment. They explore a wide range of two and three dimensional media and technologies through practical activities, and create, express, and communicate ideas. Their studies of the works of artists and designers enhance their enjoyment and deepen their knowledge and understanding”
This session will launch the pack, covering suggested use of the content and providing a practical opportunity to try out some of the themes and skills.

Mull Tuesday 13 January                                        Lochgilphead Wednesday 21 January
Oban Wednesday 14 January                                Rothesay Thursday 22 January
Islay Thursday 15 January                                     Helensburgh Tuesday 27 January
Campbeltown Tuesday 20 January                      Dunoon Thursday 29 January

Delivered by Jenny England, primary music specialist
An understanding of pulse and rhythm lie at the heart of music making. As a teacher having this knowledge greatly enhances one’s ability to facilitate effective learning. In addition to developing core music skills the benefits of regular rhythm and pulse activities include improved concentration, increased reading skills and the development of coordination skills. Collective rhythm-making also encourages an environment of inclusion, cooperation and fun. You will learn: strategies to embed pulse and rhythm; effective layering of rhythmic patterns; rhythmic features of various styles of music; skills to facilitate rhythm ensembles; a selection of short rhythm activities that can be used at any time in the school day. Participants, who don’t already have them, will receive a classroom set of boomwhackers (tuned percussion tubes) for use in their school.
Oban Tuesday 3 February                                              Dunoon Tuesday 10 February
Campbeltown Thursday 5 February                            Helensburgh Thursday 12 February

Delivered by Maggie Irving & Fiona Blakey
Come along and learn how to use technology to inspire art, make art and share art, backed up by supporting material to help you get the best results possible. We will be using BBC Ten Pieces as inspiration for this exciting and relevant session and link the content to our new Primary Art Pack. Appropriate for all levels – not just primary.

Mull Tuesday 10 March                                          Lochgilphead Wednesday 18 March
Oban Wednesday 11 March                                   Rothesay Thursday 19 March
Islay Thursday 12 March                                       Helensburgh Tuesday 24 March
Campbeltown Tuesday 17 March                         Dunoon Thursday 26th March

Delivered by Jenny England, primary music specialist
Teaching music can present a unique challenge if we are planning for optimal creative responses whilst facilitating the progression of musicianship skills. This CPD will explore planning and assessment with reference to the experiences and outcomes for music at levels 1 and 2. Examples of practice will be taken from those participating in the BBC Ten Pieces project.
Topics will include: music and the 7 principles of curriculum design; music assessment and planning in relation to Bloom’s revised taxonomy; understanding what to evaluate/what is significant in music learning; planning for creative outcomes; the use of audio and video files.

Dunoon Thursday 23 April                                     Oban Tuesday 12 May
Lochgilphead Tuesday 28 April                             Rothesay Thursday 14 May
Helensburgh Thursday 30 April                            Mull Tuesday 19 May
Kintyre Thursday 7 May Islay                                Thursday 21 May

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