Dancing their socks off!

Lochgilphead Primary 2 and Primary 3/2 classes have been dancing their socks off! As part of their topic this term these classes joined up to learn about different styles of dance. Children learned basic moves for merengue, hip hop and waltz then choreographed their own dance sequence. As a culmination of the topic the children put on a dance show for parents, families and friends. It was an enormous success and the children and audience loved every minute of it. A special highlight of the night was our parents dance at the end where children danced with one of their invited guests.
“The dance show was unforgettable! My favourite part was when we did the merengue because the girls were wearing very nice Spanish style dresses. I think there were 180 people in the audience! I loved the dances we learned.” By Sophie P2

2 thoughts on “Dancing their socks off!

  1. An astonishing achievement in this professional production. All children were spectacular and had epic enthusiasm. What a fantastic way to finish the year! Well done boys and girls of Primary 2 and Primary 3/2. An unforgettable lifetime experience. 🙂

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