CAST Gaelic Film Project 2012

Mar A Tha Daoine
Eile Gar Faicinn
(To see ourselves as others see us)

The aim of this project was for each of the 6 Gaelic medium units in Argyll & Bute to produce a short film. The films had to capture scenes from contemporary everyday living and involved a musical score and/or song in Gaelic.

At Sandbank, St Columba’s, Strath of Appin, Salen, Bowmore and Tiree, second level pupils worked for two full consecutive days with Alasdair Satchel (film) and Rona Wilkie (music). Both these practitioners have wide experience of using their artforms in a classroom context and are gaelic speakers.

Two groups of approx.10 pupils worked with filmmaking techniques and soundtrack creation. The visits took place from January to March 2012.

Inspiration for the project came from Mitchell and Kenyon silent films depicting everyday life in the Edwardian Era and music from the era of silent cinema. The single shot option for filming was useful to clarify the pupils thoughts on what they wanted to represent and simplify the filming and editing process.

“One of the nicest elements of this project is to show the film and have the whole group recreate the soundtrack, live, similar to the showing of a silent film. It’s a very special moment and memorable for all who take part including the audience.” Alasdair Satchel

Click HERE for complete film
Click HERE for Bowmore film
Click HERE for Rockfield film
Click HERE for Salen film
Click HERE for Sandbank film
Click HERE for Strath of Appin film
Click HERE for Tiree film

The project was funded by CAST and Gaelic Specific Grants.
The Creative Arts in Schools Team (CAST) within Argyll & Bute Council, creates and manages cultural projects within schools. Our remit is to provide access to high quality events & learning opportunities which relate to the curriculum and enhance creative learning experiences through the arts.

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