P7/6 WW2 Drama Production & 1940’s Street Party

As a finale to their pupil led World War 2 Interdisciplinary Study, the pupils of P7/6 warmly invited parents & family members to their World War 2 Drama Adaptation of Carrie’s War on 15th of May 2014.

As a thank you to family members for allowing pupils to bring in fantastic artefacts & interesting resources from home eg vintage ration books & genuine war medals, the class also invited family and friends to join them for a splendid Street Party after the production.

Fantastic donations of homemade War Time British food etc. spam & corned beef sandwiches, Victoria sponge cake & jam tarts were gratefully received. Mrs Clark, our Head Teacher, kindly donated red, white & blue balloons & fresh flower posies to make our dining tables look in keeping with theme . Our lady guests were presented with the posies at the end of the party. It was a fantastic afternoon where our wonderful pupils had the opportunity to showcase their creative talents & demonstrate once again that they indeed are Confident Individuals, Successful Learners, Responsible Citizens & Effective Communicators!

1 thought on “P7/6 WW2 Drama Production & 1940’s Street Party

  1. Super event to share with the family. Learning really is fun at DPS!

    Well done p7/6!!!

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