P.7 Science and Technology Day at Islay High School

In conjunction with the ‘Bright Sparks’ joint science project, Primary 7 children across Islay and Jura spent the day at Islay High School involved in a range of learning experiences working with pupils from different schools.  ‘Bright Sparks’ was the name given to a project planned and implemented by teachers of senior pupils across the five primary schools. In collaboration with Mr Phil Kitching and the rest of the Science Department at the High School, a variety of exciting activities and challenges were organised. These included identifying different types of sensors and their uses; generating electricity and understanding the use of logic gates.  The workshops were planned and delivered by Mr Kitching, Mrs Jeanie McNaughton and Mr John Redpath.

Below are some group and individual comments from the children…

‘I enjoyed it and met new friends.  I learned how to electrocute people!’
‘I was excited about going to the high school and the science day was good.  I would have liked to have had longer doing the activities.’
‘The most fascinating activity was when Mr Redpath showed us the Van der Graaf generator. It is a domed shaped object, which using a rubber band spinning at high velocity, creates friction to generate large amounts of static electricity.
‘It was very interesting and funny when people touched it – it created static electricity and their hair stood on end.  We also lit a Bunsen burner with our fingers using the flow of electricity to create a spark! Amazing! It was a great experience going to the High School and learning with others.’
‘The science workshops were fun and I learned so much!’
‘It was really good and I enjoyed it because it was a new experience.’
‘Making electrical circuits was cool. I liked learning about how electricity works in different ways.’

All P.7 pupils and staff would like to thank Mr P. Kitching for organising the event. Our appreciation also goes to Mr P. Kitching, Mrs J. McNaughton and Mr J. Redpath for their very engaging lessons. Your support and expertise is very much valued.

We would also like to acknowledge STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) for providing funding to purchase resources for our ‘Bright Sparks’ joint project to ensure that all children had the opportunity to take part in the wide range of experiences planned in collaboration with all schools.

Islay and Jura Schools

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