Creating a Commonwealth Banner

On Tuesday 18th March Keills Primary 5 -7 made a Commonwealth Banner. Sian McQueen, an artist from the mainland, helped us make it. First we discussed what things made Scotland unique. Once we had enough ideas we organised ourselves into groups – a border group, an iconic images group, and a slogan group. We then planned what we were going to do. After lots of discussion the class had to pick the pictures that stood out the most.
The pictures that we picked were a highland cow, an irn bru can, a thistle, a tunnocks teacake, the Kildalton Cross and the Round Church. For the border we picked modern tartan in the shape of Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster. For the slogan we picked ‘Welcome to Scotland – a wee country with a big heart’, which was thought up by Gregor.
To print the picture we had to trace the iconic images by holding them onto the polystyrene and then up against the window. To do the border and lettering we used the same technique. We had to engrave the picture using a ballpoint pen. Then we painted it the colours we wanted. Then we printed on to the sheet. The effect was brilliant. We were all very proud of our achievement. We would like to thank Sian for her expert advice and support. It was a fantastic art lesson. Please come back again!
Isla K and Nave.

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  1. Amazing everyone, everyone of you look stunning. The banner looks very nice and creative! Keep up the good work folks!

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