Parent Volunteer/Enterprise Visit – Experience of nursing in War Zones

As part of their interdisiplinary project on World War 2 on Thursday 27th February 2014, P7/6 pupils at Dunoon Primary were delighted to welcome Mrs Aileen Danby, mother of Lili, p.6. who gave an excellent presentation about her exciting career as an officer and a midwife/nurse during the Gulf War and Afghanistan conflicts. She enthralled us all about her various brave rescue missions which also involved her being lowered down into the Jungle of Brunei to rescue wounded soldiers. She inspired us all by being a very responsible citizen and very kindly allowed us all to get the opportunity to wear her very own flight helmet. Some pupils also got the chance to wear her flying suit which helped us to imagine her in a mission at the back of a Hercules war aeroplane. We also viewed her very own “Dog & Toe Tag”, her husband’s medals (he was in the military too), photographs of her as a lovely young nurse with a very starched nurses hat and the board which she used to shield her and her patient from enemy fire. We had a fantastic afternoon listening to our very own ‘Lara Croft’ and are busy writing long letters of thanks to her.

2 thoughts on “Parent Volunteer/Enterprise Visit – Experience of nursing in War Zones

  1. What a great opportunity to learn about quite an ‘unusual’ job. I am sure it was really interesting and the children would have gained a great deal of information from it.

  2. Fabulous opportunity to listen to a wonderful ‘on the spot’ first line resource! Thank you P7/6 for sharing it with your friends in the online community. Learning experiences do not get much better than this.

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