Dunoon Primary Eco Schools Anti dog mess and cigarettesstub Campaign

Dear Readers,
Dunoon Primary’s Eco School’s Commitee 2012/2013 were delighted to receive their second Green Flag Award in the summer of 2013. Our Eco School’s assessor, Paul Love was delighted with all the Eco School improvements our school had made for e.g. further improvements to our Fairy Garden and was delighted to witness a real life mum and dad Coal Tit fly out of the newly designed bird house made by one of our P6 pupils and their grandfather last year.

She was also impressed that our recent real-life school Enviromental Review highlighted the fact that our close local enviroment could do with improvement e.g. during our whole school Green Day when groups of pupils discovered dog mess in Milton house grassed car park area. Many cigarettes stubs were also found on the two pavements on Hillfoot Street.

Our new 2013/2014 commitee therefore decided to take up the challenge to improve this situation and start an anti dog mess/cigarette stub campaign.

We would be delighted to receive comments from the public to help and improve our campaign and make Cowal a cleaner, a more environmentally friendly and an even better place to live.

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