Drawing Masterclass in Inveraray.

33 senior pupils from across Argyll came together in Inveraray on Monday 2nd December to attend a CAST sketchbook masterclass led by Joanie Jack who runs the portfolio course at Glasgow School of Art within the dept. of Continuing Education. The young artists began by looking at sketchbooks from successful GSA applicants then started working with pencil line and quickly moved on to pen and double line, collage, ink drawing with sticks, mono printing, wet on wet drawing, graphite, charcoal and erasers, ruler and chalk drawing and repeat pattern making. One of the highlights was a group mono printing session with everyone printing at once! All our pupils enjoyed spending a whole day on the subject and ended up with a specially made sketchbook filled with drawings and inspiration. Joanie said “There were some talented pupils with strong drawing abilities which is always heartening to see.” Many thanks to Inveraray Primary for the hospitality!

1 thought on “Drawing Masterclass in Inveraray.

  1. What a fantastic opportunity. I wish I’d had chance to do something like that when I took art at high school!

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