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Pupils Learn About the World of Work

On, Wednesday, 26 September 2012, half of Dunoon Grammar School’s S4 pupils attended Industrial Awareness Day, held at the local hostel – with the other half going on, Tuesday, 2 October 2012.  The day is held in order to raise awareness of what goes on in business and to educate pupils of the day to day occurrences in some businesses.  It is also to show S4 pupils what the business world is like and allows them to work with people from outwith the school.  The day is always a success because of the fact pupils are put into groups and therefore working together and meeting new people.  The tasks that they have to complete are all business related, this making them use other skills that are not normally used in a classroom environment. Continue reading Pupils Learn About the World of Work

Careers Fair at Port Charlotte

This term in P5/6/7 we have been using our investigation time to research different careers.  We grouped up and chose a career to investigate; these included actress, dancer, helicopter pilot, firefighter, paleontologist, nurse and vet to name a few.  We found information from the internet, from various books in our school library and some of us even interviewed people who have that job. All this was to hold a Careers Fair for the whole school; this was when we set up stalls around the hall and presented our information in the form of posters and leaflets, and handed out a few stickers and badges as well.  Continue reading Careers Fair at Port Charlotte

Tarbert Academy S1/2 Work Experience/Enterprise Project

On Tuesday 20th March, all S1 and S2 pupils were given the opportunity to experience the world of work for a day. Where possible, pupils went to work with parents, family members or family friends.  Where this was not suitable, pupils took on work experience in school. In S1, pupils’ placements varied from the Fire and Rescue Service to Scottish Water, and included hotel work, fish farming, agriculture, office work and Mundells. In S2, pupils worked with cars, Cal Mac, shops, primary schools, catering and hair-dressing – to name but a few. Continue reading Tarbert Academy S1/2 Work Experience/Enterprise Project