P5/6/7 Mesolithic Quest Tales

img_0643On Monday 3rd October P5/6/7 wrote Mesolithic quest tales for their clans. The clans are Orca clan, Golden Eagle clan, Artic Fox clan and Red Deer clan. Each clan had a different tale to work on and we had to have a hero to overcome a problem in the tale. While writing the quest tale we learned how to add onomatopoeia, personification, similes and metaphors into our writing and include paragraphs. Everyone in each clan gets filmed when they are telling their part of the quest tale.

My Learning

Once Primary 6\7 were away on the Stirling trip the P5s did some independent work. On the first day we had Mr Shakespere for music.We  were creating music that the people that were making in Mesolithic Times without the instruments we have now. It was my first time ever using Garage Band and I was muddled. My first bit of music was stuff with a rock. I was tapping and scraping with them to make loads of music. Then I put all of the bits of music together and looped, then cut the bits with mistakes. After that I made another bit of music with wood. There was banging against other materials like leather. Then we got our work marked by Mr Shakespere and mine was fine.


P567 Rock Trip

IMG_0509On Friday  P567 went on a rock trip and we went to Port Askaig, Bunnahabhain beach and Caol Ila beach. First we went to Port Askaig to see all the different types rocks that are on the big hill just up from the car park, made when a glacier covered Islay. We had to look for different rocks in with  the other rocks that had been picked up and dumped by the glacier.  Then we went to Caol Ila Beach and we looked at the rocks and we even got to Smash up some rocks in half and see what was inside of them.  We saw rocks formed under the sea because they had wave patterns on them like you see on the beach.  Then we went to Bunnahabhain Beach and we went down the big hill to see trenches left by volcanic lava in the rock made from basalt. We even got to take some loose rocks back to school with us.


By Abi Logan

The Fantastic Eco Group

eco logo 2

On Friday afternoons Port Ellen primary  all do citizenships and one of the groups are called the Eco Group and the people that are in the Eco group are Holly, Abi, Kaya, Katie, Matthew, Rowan, Sophie and Harmony. What the Eco group do is we try and do litter picking to keep Port Ellen playground tidy. On some of the afternoons we do beach cleans to keep the beach clean and we are hoping to clean the pond, have an Eco day, plant flowers, tidy the round house, clean up the weeds and plant trees. Also our slogan is SAVE THE PLANET!


By The Fantastic Eco Group.

Reciprocal Reading


This is how you do reciprocal reading.

You read some of your book and  you choose an activity.  Then you write about it after that you talk about it to the rest of your group. The activities are Predicting, Clarifying,  Questioning, Summarizing, Connecting, Visualizing, Inferring, Evaluating.  This is how you get better at understanding what you read.  We are reading Cool by Michael Morpurgo.