Rolls-Royce Look Back

This year Port Ellen Primary School have been in the finals of the Rolls-Royce science prize and we have had the BBC in to film us with all of our engineering that we have done over the past year.  We also have a mentor called Neil Chattle and he has helped us all through the year.

Four people from this school went to the Celebration of science in Glasgow with their wind turbine and did very well.  We also had a finalist in the younf Imagineers comptition and took part in the BP Stem Challenge.  We have learned lots about renewables and engineering and are know much better at engineering.  It has been a very successful project and I now want to be a civil engineer.



High School

All the p7 on Islay and Jura came to high school for transition days. On Thursday we had to go on the groups that were picked on Wednesday which were MW and BM.  There was three house Bryce Winnard & McBean.  For lunch we had a choice of what to eat for example; chicken burgers, hot dogs, macaroni cheese and lots more. We had lots of periods most of them were just us inducing to our teacher. Unfortunately our Gaelic teacher Mr Bond is not going to be there when we go to high school because were getting another Gaelic teacher.  At lunch there was the boys and girls football club and we picked teams and started playing football against each other. We also did P.E with Miss Gibson.

by Andre Cruz

Stirling Trip to Bannockburn

indexOn the 13th September p6/7 are gong to Stirling and we are going to Bannockburn for a visit. We have been researching Bannockburn and this is some questions and their answers.   Where is Bannockburn? Bannockburn is just out of Stirling. When was it? 24th June 1314. Who was the battle between? It was between Scotland and England. How did it happen? England crossed the border and that’s how it started the battle. What is the battle of Bannockburn? Bannockburn was a war in First war of Scottish independence and a landmark in Scottish history.  We can’t wait to learn more!

Science Club

Mrs Clark has started a club called science club on Wednesdays from 3:30am to 4:30pm.  We have done it for 2 weeks; the 1st week we did it we were doing looking for worms for citizen science.  The next week we did balloon rockets and the boys won by 2 meters with 1 balloon because we put more air in it for the pressure.


Bird Facts with the Nursery by the Eco Group

DSCN2116The nursery are doing a topic on birds and they have a bag of bird seed that will last a whole year.

Also they made bird food balls and this is how you make them you get: bird seed, bread crumbs, bread crusts and water. The crows try to steal the food but they can’t because the birdhouse that they made it too small for the crows to fit in.  They have also bought new bird feeders.

At Joint Sessions with P1/2 David Wood from the RSPB has been working with the children and he came into the school to tell them about birds and went bird watching around the school grounds with the children.

Since the weather  has been horrible they weren’t as many as they had hoped. They saw lots of geese in the field and lots of Black Hoods Crows.

The National Mod

DSCN56631On the 6/10/15 Port Ellen Primary School went to the National Mod and I was in the boys choir and it was our very first MOD and we came 2nd in our competition. We were in all the newspapers the ileach the Oban times.  We stayed in 2 hostels then the mixed choir came in 1st and they were even on TV in the recording studios.  I really enjoyed it.

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