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Cycle to School Challenge


Primary 5, 6 and 7 will be taking part in an exciting  Transport Scotland competition next week, Monday 1st June to Friday 5th June.

Children can help their class win the competition by cycling to school each day, if possible.  The results will be collated at the end of the week and sent off to Transport Scotland. The winning class from the participating schools win a exciting cycle day trip!

Can we take this opportunity to remind the children that cycling in the lane at school is not safe as it can be very busy… therefore they should walk with their bike along the lane.


The Junior Road Safety Officers, Leya Crawford, Jamie Meldrum and Alix Crawford have had a busy few weeks. They attended their first ever Induction Day at Broxburn Primary School where they got lots of advice on how to be a successful JRSO and some practical tips on organising the JRSO  noticeboard in school. They have also had the difficult task of judging the many entries to the Road Safety Week competition. This year the focus was Look Out For Each Other. The standard of work is extremely high and winners and runners up will be announced soon.