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P4a Limefield Post

Hello to all of our friends from the Limefield group in Primary 4a.

We have all enjoyed using our times tables in our number work this week.

Ella and Mia enjoyed the NYCOS  workshop on Wednesday, learning a new action game and keeping the beat.

Harry is enjoying our Anti Bullying week and thinking about helping people who are being bullied.

Zain, Yusuf,  Jessica, Daisy and Ruby are enjoying the Children In Need day today.

Corrin is enjoying learning about giving change in Maths.


We hope you have a lovely weekend.




P4a Houston

This week Houston are sharing their learning….

Josh says he has enjoyed learning his times tables because it is helping him become really good at number work. I look forward to doing the Daily Mile with Mrs Mayhew.


Ethan enjoyed using the laptops and making a powerepoint. I enjoy my football afterschool club, playing football with Craig.


Primary 4a

This week, our Alderstone pupils will be leading the blog

Suhayb; has enjoyed our DEAR time this week and I have enjoyed maths learning my times tables.

Bradley; I have enjoyed learning my times tables in maths lessons this week.

Logan; I enjoy my DEAR time and the Daily Mile with Mrs Mayhew.

Charlotte; I enjoy doing my HTU sums.

Jack; I really enjoy running the Daily Mile with Mrs Mayhew because I enjoy running.

Parvana; This week my favourite thing has been writing my report about our visit from the SSPCA.

Alex; This week my favourite topic has been handwriting and spelling words.

Cycle to School Challenge


Primary 5, 6 and 7 will be taking part in an exciting  Transport Scotland competition next week, Monday 1st June to Friday 5th June.

Children can help their class win the competition by cycling to school each day, if possible.  The results will be collated at the end of the week and sent off to Transport Scotland. The winning class from the participating schools win a exciting cycle day trip!

Can we take this opportunity to remind the children that cycling in the lane at school is not safe as it can be very busy… therefore they should walk with their bike along the lane.