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P7 – first week back

P7 have had an incredibly busy but enjoyable first week back. Being buddies to the new Primary ones has been really exciting and they have sure kept us busy and on our toes. We will continue to support them as the settle in to school life at Williamston.

Remember to bring in a book from home, if you would like to, for DEAR which starts tomorrow! Ask us more about it. Pupils have also been given the opportunity to borrow a book from our school library.

Can P7 pupils please come to school in PE kit on Monday morning and bring school uniform in their bags as we have PE first thing on a Monday.

P7b 16.6.17

This week most of the soon to be S1 pupils went to visit James Young High School for induction days on Tuesday and Wednesday. Some of the subjects we did included; Modern Languages, Business Education, CDT (craft,design and technology), Art, Science, English, Maths, History, Mandarin, RMPS, PSE and PE. We went around our classes with our tutor group and our S6 buddies! On Wednesday we took part in an I-Participate Fair where we got to walk around and put our names forward for school clubs! We had great 2 days and are so looking forward to August now.

We have been learning more about the charity ‘Smalls for All’ and how they support children and women in countries around the world. We had a great day today wearing pants in funny ways and donating lots of pairs of pants too.

We said farewell to Miss Ramsay today. She has been working with us for 4 weeks and has taught us lots of science and geography. We will miss her lots.

Bon weekend!

P7b and Miss Brown

P7b 9.06.17

We have been exploring different number patterns and sequences this week and looking at how symbols and letters can replace numbers. Some of us have been exploring Pascal’s triangle too.

We have creating comic strips this week and focusing on the features of a great comic strip. We are keeping what these are about and for a secret for now though!

Some of use had bikeability this week too and we are still really enjoying this opportunity. We have bikeability again next Thursday.

Mrs Vest has been helping us to complete our French passports for taking to JYHS next week on our induction days. As part of this we have been learning to talk and write about ourselves and our families in French.

Lots of us are excited about going to JYHS for two days next week for our induction days and enjoyed looking at our timetables today.

Bon weekend from p7b, Miss Brown and Miss Ramsay


On Wednesday P7 went to James Young High school to take part in lots of different sport activities; football, handball, tennis, basketball and dance. We also found out who we will be in a tutor group with and met other P7 pupils from cluster schools.

Some of the P7 pupils took part in the Track and Field athletics event. We enjoyed taking part in this, especially because it was such a sunny day!

As part of health fortnight we took part in a Kuk Sool Won taster session. Shay and Gregor lead lots of this and shared their knowledge with us. We were complimented on our skills and efforts!

Erin and Scott took part in a brass music exam at JYHS on Thursday. They enjoyed the experience and felt that they did well. They will find out their results next week.

We have been preparing for the PATPAL event at JYHS on Tuesday and we are looking forward to sharing our learning with you!

Miss Ramsay has joined us this week for 4 weeks and we are looking forward to working with her.

Have a lovely weekend,

P7b and Miss Brown

P7b 28.4.17

Hi everyone!

In science we have started a new topic looking at classifying living things. This week we explored the different kingdoms and found out what living things were included in each kingdom.

In maths we have been learning how to calculate the perimeter of shapes, including composite shapes. We have been working on perimeter problems too. These have challenged us and helped us to apply our skills.

In Literacy we have continued to focus on the skill of summarising. Some of us were also using De bono’s thinking hats to help us explore a short story ‘The Lighthouse.’ In addition to this we have been focusing closely on how we can use more sophisticated connectives to join sentences together and how this can enhance our writing and help it to flow better.

With Miss Trotter we are doing animation which we are really enjoying! This week we created our own thaumatropes.

With Mrs Vest, we were recapping on French greetings and writing these in our vocabulary jotters. We are looking forward to learning more French and developing our confidence with this!

With Mrs McConnachie, we created an ‘all about me’ page in our sketch books. We focused on things we like, and thought about how we could write our name creatively.

This week in PE we continued our learning in hockey by exploring how to do a push pass to pass the ball accurately. We played lots of different games to help us apply this skill.

We have started a new topic in Health and Wellbeing on drugs and alcohol. We have started by discussing what we already know and what we would like to learn about through exploring some big questions.

In addition to this we have started a new topic on ‘Holidays around the world.’ We are working on a group challenge where we have to investigate different elements of weather.

Have a great long weekend,

from P7b and Miss Brown

P7a and P7b 21.04.17

We cannot quite believe that this is our final term at Williamston Primary School! It is almost time for high school already!

We completed a big maths beat that challenge in maths to put our mental agility to the test.
We have also been learning more about the different parts of a circle. In addition to this we have worked hard on using a compass this week to draw circles. We explored tricky circle patterns and created our own patterns too.

Limefield were the winners this week! Well done. Limefield were also the winning house overall from last term and they had their house prize this week. They took part in a bunny drive, got some free time in the playground and got some mini eggs to eat too!

We took part in The Easter Code which involved cracking a special code. We had to find 5 words beginning with ‘s’ to help us. We learned more about the Easter story by taking part in different activities. Please ask us more about it!

This Thursday we had our first week of outdoor PE where we were out on the field developing our hockey skills. We played different games to help us feel more confident with controlling and dribbling the ball and shooting at a target.

Some of us helped with gardening on the field and we were even visited by a local cat who was interested in what we were up to!

It was an excitable morning in P7 today as our P7 leavers party invites were delivered. Harry Potter music was played across the tannoy and some owls delivered our invites through the windows.

Our PE days will now be a Monday and a Thursday.

Bon weekend from P7, Miss Brown and Mrs Fraser

P7b 17.3.17

We have had a great week in P7b!

We have spent lots of time in the big hall rehearsing for our P7 show. We are so excited about performing the show and are seeing all the ICT, costumes, props, choreography and art work coming together now!

In PE we have been playing lots of different games focusing on teamwork. We have really enjoyed dodgeball and chicken run.

In maths we have been focusing on 3D shape and symmetry. We have been working with 2 or more lines of symmetry as well as looking at reflections. We have had fun with this, especially when exploring symmetrical patterns.

A massive well done to everyone who took part in the James Young High School science fair on Monday! We are very proud of you all!

A note for next week… remember no show scrips for rehearsals and bring in costumes please!

Bon Weekend,

P7b and Miss Brown

3.3.17 P7b

Hi everyone, we have had another hectic but exciting week in P7b!

We are taking part in Fairtrade Fortnight. We have been doing lots of research to find out more about Fairtrade and the benefits to farmers, consumers and supermarkets. We are using this information to write persuasive letters to supermarkets to ask them to advertise Fairtrade products more.

We celebrated World Book Day! We have voted on our favourite book at as a class and will be creating a treasure chest of items to help other classes guess our favourite. We have also loved designing a book token and have been inspired by some of the ‘oodles of doodles’ illustrators!

In maths we have been calculating percentages of amounts and using our knowledge of fractions to help us. We have also started some data handling by exploring different types of graphs and charts. We continue to develop our confidence with mental maths through our number talks.

We had our first show rehearsal in the big hall this wee! We have also been blocking scenes with Mrs Thomson and working hard in our production groups. Look out for posters around the school and information on Twitter and the blog about our show.

The House Captains delivered an assembly today to introduce a competition to choose the House mascots and design shields. Lets get creative!

Have a lovely weekend!

P7b and Miss Brown

Fairtrade Fortnight at Williamston!

The Fairtrade Pupil Leadership Group have planned lots of different activities for Fairtrade Forntight from 27 February – 12 March 2017.

This year’s theme is put Fairtade in your break!

FRIDAY 3rd MARCH: Fairtrade Friday
All pupils are encouraged to bring in a Fairtrade snack on Friday 3rd March. Certificates are going to be awarded to the class that brings in the most Fairtrade snacks.

FRIDAY 10th MARCH: Big Fairtrade break!
We will hopefully have this altogether on the field as a whole school and we will be encouraging all pupils to wear the colours of the Fairtrade logo – blue, green and black. Please try to bring in a Fairtrade snack but remember no nuts!

On Friday 3rd and 10th of March we will also be selling Fairtrade bananas and orange juice that pupils can buy on the tuck trolley.

P4,5,6 and 7 – design a new Fairtrade logo.
Nursery, P1, P2 and P3- design a Fairtrade mug.
Whole school – design a Fairtrade tablecloth.

We will be selling some Fairtrade items priced between £1 and £2 that pupils can buy at break time.

Please see attached the key information for the next fortnight. Keep your eyes open for more updates and to see what classes have been up to!


P7b 17.02.17

It has been a busy and quick week in P7b!

We have been given our parts and allocated production groups for the P7 show. This week we have been working hard on blocking scenes with Mrs Thomson and creating action plans in our production groups. We are very excited to reveal more soon about our show this year!

In PE with MR Muldoon we have been developing our skills in gymnastics and using the big equipment. We really look forward to this on a Thursday.

As part of our work on exploring the Global Goals we have been putting together comic strips for younger pupils to help share the message about Gender Equality: Global Goal 5. Ask us more about this!

We have been focusing on fractions in maths and are developing our confidence with simplifying fractions as well as comparing them by using the greater than, less than and equal to symbols.
We have also been working on multiplying and dividing numbers by 10, 100 and 1000 including with decimals.

On Wednesday the school football team had a game against Livingston Village Primary. We won 3-1! We are very proud of you all!

Have a lovely weekend!

P7b and Miss Brown