P7b 28.4.17

Hi everyone!

In science we have started a new topic looking at classifying living things. This week we explored the different kingdoms and found out what living things were included in each kingdom.

In maths we have been learning how to calculate the perimeter of shapes, including composite shapes. We have been working on perimeter problems too. These have challenged us and helped us to apply our skills.

In Literacy we have continued to focus on the skill of summarising. Some of us were also using De bono’s thinking hats to help us explore a short story ‘The Lighthouse.’ In addition to this we have been focusing closely on how we can use more sophisticated connectives to join sentences together and how this can enhance our writing and help it to flow better.

With Miss Trotter we are doing animation which we are really enjoying! This week we created our own thaumatropes.

With Mrs Vest, we were recapping on French greetings and writing these in our vocabulary jotters. We are looking forward to learning more French and developing our confidence with this!

With Mrs McConnachie, we created an ‘all about me’ page in our sketch books. We focused on things we like, and thought about how we could write our name creatively.

This week in PE we continued our learning in hockey by exploring how to do a push pass to pass the ball accurately. We played lots of different games to help us apply this skill.

We have started a new topic in Health and Wellbeing on drugs and alcohol. We have started by discussing what we already know and what we would like to learn about through exploring some big questions.

In addition to this we have started a new topic on ‘Holidays around the world.’ We are working on a group challenge where we have to investigate different elements of weather.

Have a great long weekend,

from P7b and Miss Brown

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