Dinosaur Discoveries on Glow TV

On Tuesday, the afternoon group tuned into a live stream on Glow TV to learn about dinosaurs from the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods. It was fascinating to look at artefacts from National Museums Scotland, such as dinosaur foot prints, poo and fossils on the Smartboard. We discovered that some dinosaurs walked on two legs and some walked on four legs and did you know a new species of dinosaur with feathers has recently been discovered? How interesting! We had fun taking part in the quizzes, guessing which part of the dinosaur the bones belonged to.  Thank you to Jennifer McDougall from Education Scotland and Sara from National Museums Scotland for organising such an enjoyable event.


HWB 0-11a   HWB 0-12a   LIT 0-04a   LIT 0-10a   LIT 0-14a   TCH 0-04a   SOC 0-01a

Chinese New Year Celebrations

The children have been learning about Chinese  New Year over the last few weeks at nursery and wraparound through a variety of multi-sensory activities. We think everyone will agree tasting Chinese food for a special group snack was the most enjoyable experience!

The wraparound children worked extremely hard to plan and create a fabulous Chinese dragon.  They searched the internet to learn about Chinese dragon dances and put on a super show while we ate our noodles and prawn crackers!

Have  a look at our photos to find out what else we have been doing to learn about  Chinese New Year and celebrate the year of the Sheep ………


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Valentine’s Celebration

Celebrating Valentine’s Day at nursery was a lovely end to the term.  Children enjoyed hearing nice stories about ‘animals in love’ and enjoyed creating pretty Valentine’s collages, paintings and greetings cards, using various red and pink materials and media in the art area.   We were also busy making yummy love heart cookies to take home to give to someone we love (if not eaten on the journey home!).

HWB 0-19a   HWB 0-35a  HWB 0-44a   LIT 0-01b/LIT 0-11b   LIT 0-09a   LIT 0-14a   LIT 0-21b  LIT 0-26a  EXA 0-02a  EXA 0-05a  SOC 0-17a