A Minion Reasons to Enjoy Christmas

Primary 5 have been busy with lots of Christmas activities over the past week. We have been discussing what Christmas is about and what it means to us. Through our discussion we thought about the importance of Christmas and what we most enjoy about it. We came up with lots of lovely ideas and wanted to share them.

The pupils then designed their own minion (Christmas themed of course!!) and then we created a display, which we will be adding to.

We hope you enjoy having a look at them as much as we enjoyed making our displayp1010016 p1010015 p1010014 p1010013 p1010012 p1010011 p1010010 p1010009 p1010008 p1010007 p1010006 p1010005 p1010004 p1010003 p1010002 p1010001

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