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Artists, Evacuations and a New Teacher!!

This week P7 has been very busy, first off, our new trainee teacher arrived, Miss McGregor, who has been helping us and Mr Downs around the classroom and will start taking more and more responsibility with taking lessons. We were also very fortunate to have a special visit from the Artist, Iona Leishman to kick off our new 6 week topic on the Famous Scottish architect, John Allan. We went on a trip out where we were taken to some of John Allan’s buildings and we had a go at drawing some of them. John Allan was famous for his contradictory and magpie-like tendency to borrow ideas and designs from other countries and cultures, designing buildings that stood out from the average Scottish dwelling.

img_8442 img_8443 img_8441


We have just kicked off our reading topic of identifying themes in movies and books, we started this off by doing short drama sequences with a theme that the rest of the class had to guess.

We also had a taster of what it must have felt like for children in the 1940s by doing an air raid drill and then been rushed to the train station without warning to be evacuated and billeted to host classes in the school, some of us had a pleasant experience in our host classes meanwhile others were made to feel rejected and had to make themselves scarce to avoid a telling off.


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Also, on Thursday evening the APC hosted the Halloween disco which involved dancing, fabulous costumes, competitions and games. There was also a best costume which zombie agent won but the entries were show stopping with the joker from suicide squad and others.


Archie & Alasdair

Our Week – 16th September

This week we have been learning about “The Blitz” in our WW2 context. We learned about the Aberdeen, Clydebank and Greenock Blitz and the most famous one known as the London Blitz that went on for 11 continuous weeks. We also made “caricatures” of our chosen WW2 leaders: Hitler, Churchill, Mussolini, Stalin, Tojo, Roosevelt and De Gaulle. We also made a biography all about our leader and what role they played during the war. We created paintings of the Blitz Skyline with explosions in the background. During our reading block, we were summarising a short passage about the Blitz.  – Rebecca and Luca