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Termly newsletter Aug 18

Welcome to Primary 7’s page! We are delighted to share some information about our class with you. You can find lots of up-to-date pictures and information about our learning on Twitter (@allansprimary), but we will also share some of what we are getting up to on this page.

We all had a think about what makes us a fantastic class, and here are just a few of our responses…

Alex says:

Hello we are P7 and also the best P7 class in the world! In our class we have 9 boys and 9 girls and best teachers in the universe who go by the names, Magical Mr Downs, Magnificent Mrs Toole and last but not least Marvelous Miss Shrimpton, but obviously the people who make the class the best are the  P7’s ourselves!

Some of the reasons our class are the most incredible bunch in Scotland are: We’re always working together even if the odds are against us and we always look out for each other and everyone else in the school.  Also because our class is the oldest we have a lot of responsibilities  and one of them is Pupil Parliament. If you didn’t know our Pupil Parliament  look after the school and make it a better place. Another thing that makes us the the most awesome class in the school is simply the traits we all have.  We all have a great sense of humour, we all have empathy for everyone in the school and always help out. Lastly we’re all really brave and courageous and always able to step out of our comfort zone and try something new!

As P7’s we get to do a substantial amount of awesome things here are some of them: We all get to sit on the benches during assembly and are always trusted to sit well and show a good example. We also are given the privilege to use the chrome books in the school for things like Kahoot! and Google Classrooms which is really, really cool!

Annie says:

Hello and welcome to Allan’s Primary P7 class. In our class we have 18 pupils, 9 great  girls and 9 brilliant boys we are taught by the AMAZING Mr Downs. We also get taught by The Wonderful Mrs Toole and Awesome Miss Shrimpton. We are the most awesome class in the school when we all work together and we make the dream team. We are all part of the school’s Pupil Parliament. In our class we have the Celebrity of the Week where we have reasons why we love each and every member of our class. Our Class Economy is different to every other class in the school as we are given money for the excellent things we do but we get fines for our mistakes. In P7 we get trusted with our P1 Buddies who we look after for the first few weeks. We have many responsibilities as we are at the top of the school. In our class you would find a lot of hard-working children who all have a close bond to every other in the class.


Austin says:

We are primary 7 and we are the best class in  Scotland and our teachers are the amazing m=Mr Downs, the outstanding Mrs Toole and and spectacular Miss Shrimpton. We have 9 boys and 9 girls in our class

We are a phenomenal class because we always work as a team and when anyone new comes to our class we will always find away to help them fit in and make them feel special. We always get along with each other which makes school a better environment for the children and a more fun place to be. Everyone in P7 enjoys going to school and are also so energetic about all the new clubs

The other classes are really great but what makes us different from the other classes is that we are almost always all participating in every chance we get to join a new group or a new team. We have the stunning Bank of Mr Downs, as well as Celebrity of the Week and the Proud Cloud, which all make our classroom a fun and special place to be.

Adam says…

We are primary 7! (psst the best class in Allan’s) Were a class of eighteen – nine amazing boys and nine marvellous girl. We have a great teacher called Mr Downs and two great extra teachers Miss Shrimpton and Mrs Toole.

We are sensational because everyone is a team we have first-rate fun but we also work extremely hard when we have to we rise up to tough challenges and responsibilities. We are different to other classes in many ways one we are all part of pupil parliament a team of P7’s who along with teachers can make a difference in the school. We also have the Bank of Mr Downs, which helps to prepare us for real life banking. We get a salary and sometimes credits and fines.  If we save up we can buy privileges from a shop.

In P7 we get the privilege of using chromebooks for our work we also get to go to Dalguise and do oodles of activities.

Emma says…

Welcome to Primary 7 and our blog ,Primary 7 work so hard all the time and are proud to be the best P7 in the universe.Our class has 9 boys and 9 girls, 18 in total. when you walk into our sensational class you will see 18 amazing kids all trying their best at everything they do, no matter what challenges face them always working together, sharing, but at the same time showing their individuality. Mr Downs is our great class teacher, but also Mrs Toole always has a exciting lesson for us on a Tuesday afternoon ,and Miss Shrimpton always amazes uswith her plans on a Thursday morning. This year I am so excited for being part of the pupil parliament and going to Dalguise which makes us feel we have that we lots of responsibility. We are different for other classes because we have the chromebooks the lovely P1 buddies and the black jumpers.

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