The Doctor will see you now!

Primary 1C and 1L were very lucky to have more special visitors to our class on Friday. We had Dr Bray and Dr Spears come to see us. The told us   about their jobs and what they do to help keep us safe and healthy.

We passed some glitter germs around the class to show how easily germs can be passed on and talked about some ways in which we help to stop spreading them.

Primary 1also had lots of fun trying out the doctors equipment and putting bandages on each other.  We looked in each others ears and mouths and listened to our friends heartbeats. It was great fun!


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Our Visitors

Primary 1 have been learning all about People Who Help Us. We had two special visitors from our school in to our class to tell us all about their job and how the help us.

Our first visitor was Cliff our lollipop man. He told us all about his uniform and how he keeps us safe and then took us out to cross the road with him.

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Mr Morton also came to visit us. He told us all about how he checks the school every morning to make sure it’s safe, his tools and all the things that he has to fix in the school.

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Our Week – 16th September

This week we have been learning about “The Blitz” in our WW2 context. We learned about the Aberdeen, Clydebank and Greenock Blitz and the most famous one known as the London Blitz that went on for 11 continuous weeks. We also made “caricatures” of our chosen WW2 leaders: Hitler, Churchill, Mussolini, Stalin, Tojo, Roosevelt and De Gaulle. We also made a biography all about our leader and what role they played during the war. We created paintings of the Blitz Skyline with explosions in the background. During our reading block, we were summarising a short passage about the Blitz.  – Rebecca and Luca