P3 First Weekly Blog

We now have some Blog writers in the class.    For the next few weeks,   Lochlan,  Elliot,  Daniel and Isla will be writing our weekly blog.

This week Isla’s blog has been selected.  We hope you enjoy reading about what we have been learning in Primary 3.

My Week, 30th January – 3rd February 2017      By Isla Speirs

This week we have been working hard on our topic, “Who’s Water? Who’s Power?”    We are in the middle of making a display of a big mountain valley which we are calling, ‘Rainbow Valley’.

For Maths we have been working on Venn Diagrams and Carroll Diagrams.   I liked Carroll Diagrams better than Venn Diagrams. It was hard to draw the circles for the Venn Diagrams. I used a ruler to help me draw the Carroll Diagrams.

For language we always have to write five sentences with one of our spelling words in them. We also have to write our spelling words once in our jotters. We also have spelling activities once we have finished our two spelling tasks. The activities are called Back Writing, Shaving Foam Writing, Spelling Ball, Connect the Dots, Colourful Words, One Minute Timer, Play dough and Hidden Words.  At the back of our jotters we also do our spelling test. We have reading groups as well.

On Monday afternoons just now we go to Stirling Central Library. We choose a book and take it home for the week. Mrs Angus always reads us a good book at the library.

On Wednesday mornings Mrs Angus is Principal Teacher so she gets her principal time away. While she is away Mrs Canny teaches us. With Mrs Canny we do Bounce Back.  We have already learned two songs about bouncing back when you are feeling sad. I think the class enjoys learning the songs.

In PE we do gymnastics with Mrs Angus and sometimes with Miss McKie on Tuesdays.   It is important that we remember our gym kit. We must tie back our hair if it is long and put tape on our earrings if we have pierced ears. On Wednesdays with Mrs Canny we play lots of fun games and play with the parachute.

On Tuesdays we have music with Mrs Moore in the music room at the top of the school. We play percussion instruments. My favourite instrument is the Rain Stick. It is just past Burns Night so we have been learning Scottish songs. My favourite song is Polly Wolly Doodle.

In Art we have made a snowy hill picture with the Northern Lights glowing in the background. During Scottish week we had a Scottish challenge to design and make a Highland Dancer in less than 50 minutes. Every class had to recite a poem to the whole school. Our class recited ‘The Sair Finger’ by Walter Wingate. We also made traditional Scottish necklaces, bracelets, brooches and rings. We have to make a picture of us with a sore finger to go with the poem Sair Finger.

On Fridays the whole school swaps classes and mixes into groups. The groups are called Global Goals. My group is Zero Hunger and it is about trying to help people have more choices of food to eat and make sure no one goes hungry. But right now we are making our logo for the boards in the gym hall.