5 point scale

This afternoon we were introduced to a new tool we are using in school, called the 5 point scale. We first of all thought of all the things we are good at – there was such a range from rugby to singing to writing really small!

We then thought about some of the different feelings we can have in different situations- things that we feel comfortable with are about a 1 or 2, but things that make us feel uncomfortable or nervous are a 3 or 4. When we are most anxious or worried we are at a 5. Here we are sorting some of the scenarios based on how they make us feel:


image image image image image image image image

We then made our own stress scales to show which situations in our own life make us feel a 1,2,3,4 and 5.




Finally, we brainstormed some strategies we can use to help to bring us down from a 4 or 5 to a 1 or2. We can up with some great strategies! Watch this space to find out how we will be taking this forward in our class….


image image