WATCH: How Are The Scottish Ambulance Service Tackling The Current Climate Crisis?

By Taylor Sheppard, Kieran Hunter and Cameron Sweeney

Today we had the opportunity to interview Pat O’Meara, the General Manager and Head of Events within the Scottish Ambulance Service, and ask his views on the current climate crisis. Through a list of questions and responses, we were able to understand a bit more about how the Scottish Ambulance Service are working towards reducing their carbon emissions and becoming more eco-friendly. 

Who are the Scottish Ambulance Service?

The Scottish Ambulance Service is part of National Health Service (NHS) Scotland, which serves all of Scotland’s population. It is ran by a special health board and is committed to helping every individual across Scotland, providing them with the best possible care.

What happened during the interview?

During the interview, we asked Pat many questions about the Scottish Ambulance Service’s response to climate change and increasing carbon emissions. Pat explained to us that although they have made great progress in working towards carbon free vehicles, they also face some difficulty  as there are many items of equipment within an ambulance that need to be constantly running and charged.

You can check out the interview with Pat O’Meara below:

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